Malevolence, Daemons – The Units

Join Jesse, Austin, Dave, and Will as we discuss the Unit Entries for Daemons of the Ruinstorm, and our opinions on countering them! Visit our website! http://www.RR30K.COM Follow us on social media! Thanks to Voice_Of_Czath for our voiceover intro! Music Credit: Epic Medieval Tale by Rafael Krux

Listbuilding with the Army of Dark Compliance Theme

Today we’ll be looking at the Army of Dark Compliance theme from Book 6.  For any who are unfamiliar, this is an army theme that represents a token force of traitor astartes that have yolked a force of militia to their cause.  You can’t take a Rite of War with such a force, but with … Continue reading Listbuilding with the Army of Dark Compliance Theme

Sanguinius’ Rules and 30K Charity Armies

This week, Caro, Ryan, Jesse, and Will discuss the Rules for The Angel, upcoming 30K charity armies that will be raffled off at NoVA this year, a Toys For Tots Sons of Horus Army, and announce our new website,! Be sure to visit these sites for more details! NoVA Open Charitable Foundation - … Continue reading Sanguinius’ Rules and 30K Charity Armies

Ruminations: Militia List

This is a section where we'll be exploring various list builds that are fluffy, unique, or that utilize underappreciated tactics and units.  For players new to 30K, I'll be putting up starter lists for all 18 legions as well as all non-astartes armies.  These starter lists will give you an idea of how to approach … Continue reading Ruminations: Militia List

Vengeance in The Void (3-30-19)

March 30th, 2019Battlegrounds, Midlothian, VA The Galaxy Burns! War has spread to all reaches of Imperium. An orbital platform used by Traitor fleets as a rearm and refit center has come under attack by splinter cells of Loyalist forces. - This game day event players will play three 1250 point Zone Mortalis game. Players will … Continue reading Vengeance in The Void (3-30-19)