Standing Against The Tides of Madness: Tips on Battling Demons of the Ruinstorm

With the release of Book 8, Richmond 30k saw its first game with the new Demons of the Ruinstorm army list this past weekend pitting Will’s Shattered Legion Iron Hands against Steven’s Demons.  We won’t give a play-by-play here, suffice to say the new Demon rules are nothing short of intimidating.  Luckily for the loyalist … Continue reading Standing Against The Tides of Madness: Tips on Battling Demons of the Ruinstorm

Listbuilding with the Army of Dark Compliance Theme

Today we’ll be looking at the Army of Dark Compliance theme from Book 6.  For any who are unfamiliar, this is an army theme that represents a token force of traitor astartes that have yolked a force of militia to their cause.  You can’t take a Rite of War with such a force, but with … Continue reading Listbuilding with the Army of Dark Compliance Theme

Blackshields: Building a Themed List

Blackshields are cool and it's a damned tragedy that they're not seen more on the table top. I've looked at Blackshields for years, but making a list that makes any sense with them is a challenge. The Wrought By War choices, while fluffy and uniquely appealing, are often restrictive or come with de-buffs of their … Continue reading Blackshields: Building a Themed List

Book 8: White Scars and Consuls

As you all are undoubtedly already aware, pre-orders of Book 8: Malevolence, have been delivered to a certain lucky few souls. There are some screenshots of rules and characters floating around. We won't be sharing any images or copyrighted material out of respect for Forgeworld and their work. This will be a quick analysis of … Continue reading Book 8: White Scars and Consuls

The Case For Phalanx Warders

The Case for Phalanx Warders "This isn't about fun.  It's about Power Axes" -William Lancaster Today we'll be covering the merits and uses of what is undoubtedly my favorite unit in the whole of 30K, the Phalanx Warders of the Imperial Fists.  I'll include a sample list utilizing them that I've found successful against a … Continue reading The Case For Phalanx Warders

Ruminations: Militia List

This is a section where we'll be exploring various list builds that are fluffy, unique, or that utilize underappreciated tactics and units.  For players new to 30K, I'll be putting up starter lists for all 18 legions as well as all non-astartes armies.  These starter lists will give you an idea of how to approach … Continue reading Ruminations: Militia List