Sanguinius’ Rules and 30K Charity Armies

This week, Caro, Ryan, Jesse, and Will discuss the Rules for The Angel, upcoming 30K charity armies that will be raffled off at NoVA this year, a Toys For Tots Sons of Horus Army, and announce our new website,! Be sure to visit these sites for more details! NoVA Open Charitable Foundation - … Continue reading Sanguinius’ Rules and 30K Charity Armies

House Apollyon: Return to Grey Wyrm Manufactory (6-8-19)

BattlegroundsMidlothian, VA It has been four years since the Formenos Front collapsed under the withering assault of the traitor forces. Despite their horrific losses at the decisive battle of Grey Wyrm manufactory, the Traitors dropped the moon of Sinter Klause on the Formenos system’s principle world, cracking the front wide open and igniting the D43 … Continue reading House Apollyon: Return to Grey Wyrm Manufactory (6-8-19)

Humble Book Bundle: The Horus Heresy 2019 by Black Library (pay what you want and help charity)

Black Library has another bundle this year, with some awesome books from the Horus Heresy series, and some sweet wallpapers! Definitely worth a look of you haven't read any of these, and you can set all your money to charity!

Vengeance in The Void (3-30-19)

March 30th, 2019Battlegrounds, Midlothian, VA The Galaxy Burns! War has spread to all reaches of Imperium. An orbital platform used by Traitor fleets as a rearm and refit center has come under attack by splinter cells of Loyalist forces. - This game day event players will play three 1250 point Zone Mortalis game. Players will … Continue reading Vengeance in The Void (3-30-19)

Strike Team!

Strike Team is a squad-based Hybrid rule-set, utilizing mechanics from Book 3's 'Victory is Vengeance' expansion, and Warhammer 7th Edition Kill Team. The play style is kept simple, and only uses a handful of models- perfect for a morning after partying at your local wargaming convention! Download the rules here, and be sure to let … Continue reading Strike Team!