Friend or Fiend?

The Regimental Standard

Attention, Guardsmen! 

We would firstly like to commend you on your zeal. Your recent valiant efforts have done the Emperor and your Commissars proud. While we intend the Regimental Standard to inspire you to greater heights of violence, we did not expect you to attempt a full bayonet charge on the first Knights you encountered.

Indeed, had these Knights not been an arriving support force from House Cadmus, your commanders would likely be receiving medals right now, rather than awaiting execution in accordance with House Cadmus’ honour codes!

As part of the reconciliation process, and to turn this incident into a teachable moment for the Astra Militarum as a whole, we have produced a guide to ensure that your death at the hands of an opposing Knight is a glorious martyrdom and not a humiliating error on your part.

++Thought For The Day: Nothing good ever came from…

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