NOCF Charity Army 2019 Updates: White Scars and Night Lords

Work continues on the NOCF charity armies. The White Scars are reaching completion, with a few units still in the works and getting ready to get shipped.
Raffle tickets will be available to purchase on 1 July 2019 and the raffle will take place on Sunday, 1 September 2019. You do not need to attend NOVA to purchase tickets or win prizes, NOCF will ship worldwide to raffle winners! Check for updates and details in the near future.

White Scars Update

Rob of Remembrancer’s Retreat has been working on several units from Book8: Malevolence. He has done a unit of Ebon Keshig with a land raider transport. He has also done a bonus unit that had not been planned, a unit of Falcon’s Claws!

Chris has completed two units of jetbikes, magnetizing weapon options so you get an option on how to field them!

Chase has been working on a lightning strike fighter which will add some air support to the army.

Nate of the Greying Legion has been hard at work on a couple of jetbike characters, a unit of scimitar jetbikes and a unit of Golden Keshig from Malevolence.

The creativity and initiative of the artists will let this charity army offer one of each of the unique White Scars units from book 8. The lucky winner will have an army that is over 2,000 points and can be run as the Chogorian Brotherhood rite of war or a Pride of the Legion rite of war army. Still to be pictured is a tactical squad with a rhino. Expect another update in a couple of weeks with the complete army!

Night Lords Update

The Night Lords army is in the capable hands of Dave Taylor (Dave Taylor Miniatures) and Caleb Wissenback of CK Studios. Both artists have been busy with projects (a little kickstarter for Dave, a Warlord titan for NOCF for the CK team). However, Caleb and Dave are getting a start on this offering. Dave has a WIP of one of the 10 terminators he is painting for the army. Expect more updates over the next few weeks!

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