Toys for Tots Charity Army 2019: Sons Of Horus

I have been lucky enough to participate in building and painting charity armies for the Toys for Tots ( for several years now. This was originally organized by the now sadly defunct 40K Radio Freebootaz Forum. For well over 6 years the Freebootaz pooled talent and resources to produce high quality army auctions through eBay, with 100% of the auction amount going to Toys for Tots. Last year, the Radio Free Istvaan (RFI) podcast took over the mantle of the auctions, using their podcast and community to source donations and painters.

This year I am doing a list with Maloghurst as the warlord allowing veterans to be taken as troops. This is an army I have always wanted to paint, and I am glad I am getting the opportunity to try a new paint scheme and raise some money for the tots. The list of models / generic army list follows:

  • Maloghurst
  • Legion Champion
  • Legion Chaplain
  • 5x Justaerin Terminators in an Anvillus Dreadclaw Drop Pod
  • Contemptor Dreadnought in a Dreadnought Drop Pod
  • 10x Weapon Master Veterans in a Landraider
  • 10x Machine Killer Veterans in a Landraider
  • 10x Stalker Veterans in a Rhino

This will be a small, elite force that should come in around 2500 points with options. I have all the infantry prepped and basecoated, and I will be starting serious work on the army as soon as I finish a small personal project. I plan on posting updates during major milestones, and should be done sometime in May. For the Tots! -Ryan

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