House Apollyon: Return to Grey Wyrm Manufactory (6-8-19)

It has been four years since the Formenos Front collapsed under the withering assault of the traitor forces. Despite their horrific losses at the decisive battle of Grey Wyrm manufactory, the Traitors dropped the moon of Sinter Klause on the Formenos system’s principle world, cracking the front wide open and igniting the D43 system with the flames of war.

Beneath the blasted, radioactive ruins of Grey Wyrm, however, Dark Mechanicum excavators discovered that there was more to Grey Wyrm than initially met the eye. Dozens of long forgotten vaults stood beneath the surface, holding great fleets of mothballed surplus, untouched by the devastation of the war above. Malcadors, Baneblades, Crassus and other super-heavies in their thousands needing only crews to serve them. Immediately, the traitors greedily claimed these vehicles, and began to secret them away from the carcass of the manufactorum for service on the front lines. The most potent prize, however, were the several hundred Knight armors stored away in the gloom. No doubt destined for ascendant Houses on nearby worlds, these armors had been waiting for centuries for scions to pilot them to war.

The traitor forces of D43 lacked the manpower for these esoteric machines, however. Even amongst their own Houses, it was a lack of scions, not armors that plagued them. It was High Chaplain Erebus of the Word Bearers Legion that provided a solution. If the flesh and blood men of the Warmaster’s army did not have the means to stir these machines to battle, perhaps the neverborn of the Warp did. Daemon-infused machines were not uncommon. Even ones as large and complex as Knights had some precedence. But never before had an attempt been made of such staggering scale. 300 Daemon Knights, is what Erebus promised. Three hundred howling, reaver monstrosities to form an unstoppable tide of iron and daemonflesh. Once the boast was made, preparations followed. Each knight armor was repaired of their inadequacies, and consecrated in anticipation of their new animus. A force unlike any seen since the Age of Strife would soon march from the shattered foundries of Grey Wyrm. Erebus named this nascent daemon House ‘House Apollyon; the Knights of the Pit’.

It is fortunate for those loyal to the Emperor that the eyes and ears of The Sigilite reach far. Catching wind of this ploy, several of his Knights Errants deployed in the region commandeered what loyal armies they could, and rerouted to the dead avenues of Grey Wyrm. In orbit around the planet they found a combined traitor fleet of Word Bearers, Dark Mechanicum and Imperial Army vessels. Thus began the running battle to land on the surface, penetrate Erebus’ ritual bunker, and end the threat of House Apollyon before it begins.

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