2019 NOVA Open Charitable Foundation (NOCF) 30K Charity Armies

This year I was asked to take the lead for the NOCF (https://novaopenfoundation.org/) 30K charity army coordination. While I don’t have the time this year to contribute to the painting, I do have time to line up some fantastic painters to bring the Heresy community several charity armies that will be raffled off during NOVA 2019. This year we are offering a White Scars army (about 2,000 points) as well as a Night Lords zone mortalis army (1,000 points). If you are familiar with the online raffles of the past, it will be similar this year with one exception. 2019 will have a single set of summer raffles. Over 40 individuals and teams have come together to donate time, money and models to offer fantastic raffle items over a variety of game systems. Raffle tickets will be available to purchase on 1 June 2019 and the raffle will take place on Sunday, 1 September 2019. You do not need to attend NOVA to purchase tickets or win prizes, NOCF will ship worldwide to raffle winners!

White Scars Chogorian Brotherhood

This army is designed around the Chogorian Brotherhood rite of war. It has a core of jetbike units, supported by veterans in a termite, a tactical squad in a rhino, terminators in a land raider and a lightning. A custom jetbike praetor and jetbike windcaller (librarian) lead the force, providing quick and hard hitting untis that represent the White Scars well. Below is the list of donated models and their painters. Raffle earnings for this army will go to the Fisher House.

1x Praetor with Jetbike (Nate Taylor, Greying Legion)

1x Wind Caller Librarian on Jetbike (Nate Taylor, Greying Legion)

10x Veteran Marines (Shane Confehr, Crimson Path Studio)

1x Terrax Pattern Termite Assault Drill (Shane Confehr, Crimson Path Studio)

6x Scimitar Jetbikes (Nate Taylor, Greying Legion)

6x Scimitar Jetbikes (Christopher Lee, Ruinstorm Painting)

10x Tactical Marines (David Sampson, Black Label Painting)

1x Deimos Pattern Rhino (David Sampson, Black Label Painting)

5x Cataphractii Terminators (Robert Cutrell)

1x MKIIB Land Raider (Robert Cutrell)

1x Lightning Strike Fighter (Chase Montambo)

Night Lords Zone Mortalis Strike Force

The Night Lords lot is designed around the Zone Mortalis Strike Force rite of war, allowing terminators to be taken as troops and even to teleport. This army comes in at 1,000 points and allows it to be played easily within most zone mortalis games. It also includes a set of the new Forgeworld Night Lords legion dice. All money earned from this raffle will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. Below is a list of models and painters:

1x Sevatar – First Captain of the Night Lords (Dave Taylor, Dave Taylor Miniatures)

1x Night Lords Contemptor Dreadnought (Caleb Wissenback, CK Studios)

5x Tartaros Terminators (Dave Taylor, Dave Taylor Miniatures)

5x Tartaros Terminators (Dave Taylor, Dave Taylor Miniatures)

10x Tactical Marines (Caleb Wissenback, CK Studios)

1x Night Lords Legion Dice

I look forward to providing updates over the coming weeks! Stay tuned and spread the word! -Ryan

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